The Black Bull has been a work in progress for the past seven months.  Every aspect of the second oldest building in the pre Doomsday Book village of Blidworth has been refurbished, replaced or renewed.

The new dining area is light and airy with oak beams and a beautiful, half timbered, working fireplace. The small dining room has an impressive inglenook fireplace and retains The Bull’s only remaining leaded, stained glass window.

In the bar all that remains from the 20th century is the tiled floor, foot rest, bar top and wood burner.  Dark, glowering beams have shed their old lead paint to reveal golden oak which is complimented by soft furnishing, easy chairs and friendly efficient service.

Our ‘facilities’ are all new and now include an accessible WC in the lobby off the bar.
With deeds dating back to 1730, The Bull was at the centre of Old Blidworth and subject to legend. It sides Bull Hill and had the first public telephone in the village.

Robin Hood gets everywhere in Nottinghamshire but Maid Marion was possibly born in and married from the cottage over the road from The Bull (must have taken her a while to get to Edwinstowe Church, the roads are slightly better now) and Will Scarlett is allegedly buried in St Mary’s churchyard up the hill.

Rumour also has it that the new Gents WC has been crafted out of the old Gate Keeper’s room from the days when Blidworth was a gated community. Villagers protected themselves by becoming a gated village after stocking frames used in the village had been smashed by Luddites.

For a more accurate and detailed history of Blidworth visit

The Black Bull has history, always had character and after several years of neglect. The old girl has been encouraged in to the 21st century with consideration and care.

We hope you’ll come and have a look…

May 13

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